Dune Dastard - Update/Patch v1.1

An update/patch for Dune Dastard has finally arrived, addressing some major issues along with other minor things.

Listed below are all notable changes in the latest patch:

  • Completely overhauled UI. New textures, story text is corrected, and every UI element should now work like intended (e.g. the end screen in level two, which will now let you advance to the next level).
  • Music added to level 2, along with several other sound additions and improvements.
  • Level 3 layout is slightly changed. Although this is a small change it can have a major impact on how players complete the level.

Please note that this project is now on hold, as we are currently occupied with school. If you have any issues or suggestions, though, please feel free to leave a comment!

Dune Dastards


Dune Dastard v1.1.zip 44 MB
Sep 11, 2017

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